Q & A with Our Board Vice President

Mike has been volunteering with TEAM since 2014.  He is responsible for our computer hardware maintenance, program installation & updates, and he's the administrator of our MS365 database and in-house CRM software. If that wasn't enough, he's also the vice president of TEAM's board of directors, helps our caseworkers, and assists TEAM with marketing. Whew!

We are blessed to have Mike as a volunteer, and appreciate his commitment to TEAM.  We thought you might like to learn a bit more about him.

How did you begin volunteering with TEAM?

I began volunteering in 2014, when my  arm was twisted by a beloved friend, the late Mr. Frank Harvell. At the time, Frank was the vice president of the board, and a fellow member of Tomball UMC.

 When did you become a board member?

I became a board member in 2016 and was nominated to VP level  in 2017, which placed me on the executive committee.

What did you do in your pre-retirement life?

In my previous life, I was the North America major account manager of HP – Compaq for a major semiconductor manufacturer, Siemens – Infineon Technology.  We were a leading supplier of memory products to HP.  After retiring, I took on volunteer positions with my church designing their web page. I was also on the Canyon Gate Northpoint HOA board, in the position of president. I developed the HOA website, which I still maintain.

In your opinion, what qualities make a great board member?

Great board members want to serve their community and help direct the efforts of the organization to do so.  A board member needs to be willing to put in the time and effort to make the organization run as smoothly as possible.

What are the highlights and challenges of being on the board?

There have been lots of major highlights to me: In 2016, approximately a dozen computers were donated to TEAM and set up for our caseworkers. In 2017, we rebuilt the ministry area with cubicles to better serve our caseworkers in providing for the needy.  And more recently, in what is both a challenge and a highlight, we had software developed to establish the Tomball Benevolence Network (TBN). Funding for the software, which was developed by CMIT Solutions, was provided by a grant. We named the software GRACE, which stands for God's Resource And Community Exchange.  This network will help all of our supporting churches, our Chamber of Commerce, and any organization that wants to assist us to better serve the members of our community that need help. The development and implementation of  this program has required many dedicated volunteers and a lot of coordination.  

How do you spend your time at TEAM?

The majority of my time is spent repairing and updating our computers with our new networking software, administrating our MS 365 web database, and attending meetings.

TEAM's mission is to foster relationships within our community, that together we, as members of the unified body of Christ, provide service to those in need so that both those served and those serving will achieve their full potential in Him.  What makes this meaningful to you?

It is the reason we are here, as we are called to be the hands and feet that Christ taught us to be.  There’s not much more pleasure you can receive than serving our Lord and having blessed fellowship with those that serve in this organization.  You really get to see this in action at TEAM as we provide food, clothing, and financial assistance to the families in our neighborhood that need it. The reaction of the people is overwhelming.

What have you learned through your volunteer work?

Through my work at TEAM, I have learned about the rewards of serving and fellowship.

What three words describe you the best?

Patient, sarcastic, friend.