Volunteer Opportunities

TEAM volunteers serve the Tomball community through compassionate assistance to families in crisis and enthusiastic service to customers of the TEAM Resale Shop.

We love smiling faces and helping hands. In fact, TEAM depends on them. Every year hundreds of our volunteers donate thousands of hours to help those in need. Scroll down to read about the variety of volunteer opportunities we offer. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find the perfect volunteer position at TEAM. In the meantime, we hope you’ll take a moment to meet some of our volunteers. And be sure to check out our volunteer Q&A page.


  1.   Complete the Volunteer form and Download our Court Ordered Form.  Carefully read through it.
  2.   Complete and sign the form.  If you are under 18, parental or guardian signatures are mandatory.  
  3.   While orientation isn’t mandatory, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for your first day. Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator to arrange this. Don’t forget to provide your phone number along with your contact information.
  4.   On your start date, bring along your completed application and a copy of your official court documents. Community service cannot commence until we have both your application and a copy of your court documents.
  5.   It’s your responsibility to log your community service hours in two places: our computer system and a separate community service log


 Volunteer Application

Casework is at the heart of our ministry at TEAM. Our volunteer caseworkers interview and qualify clients for the assistance that TEAM provides, e.g. food, rent, utilities, gas vouchers, clothing, and medical vouchers. Our ministry is currently open on Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Caseworkers may make a commitment to either Tuesday, Thursday or both days. Basic qualifications for this position are dependability and a heart to serve those in need. Training is provided.

Volunteer jobs include:

  • Caseworker (weekly commitment on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays); preliminary training)
  • Frontline and Mentors – interaction with clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Our food pantry team helps with unloading deliveries, organizing and stocking the pantry, and repackaging bulk food and toiletries into smaller sizes. Our food pantry team also shops and bags groceries for our clients. The pantry is open during ministry hours – Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Volunteer jobs include:

  • Sort food donations
  • Separate large containers of items like cooking oil, flour, sugar, detergent into smaller individual and family-size containers
  • Complete food orders for clients

If you relish thrift store shopping or love a good bargain-hunting expedition, then our resale shop is your haven. Our dedicated volunteers handle everything from processing donations to sorting, sizing, pricing, organizing, and stocking. The TEAM Resale Shop welcomes volunteers Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can easily sign up to contribute a few hours once a week, twice a month, or whenever it aligns with your schedule.

  Volunteer roles and opportunities encompass:

  • Receiving and unpacking boxes/bags of donations
  • Assessing the quality and potential saleability of donations, sorting them by category
  • Preparing clothing or other items for display on the sales floor
  • Assisting in the movement of goods onto the sales floor
  • Dusting and general cleaning duties
  • Regular weekly volunteer opportunities:
    • Collaborating with the store manager to re-arrange displays
    • Pricing items for sale

                   *   Operating the cash register and assisting customers on the sales floor

If you want to show off your skills, learn a new skill, or take on a volunteer position with some creative possibilities, then join our administrative and event team. This team does a little bit of everything – marketing, event planning, graphic design, social media engagement, newsletter, grant writing, fundraising, IT/website maintenance, and building maintenance. Volunteer hours are flexible and, depending on your interest, you can even work from home.

Volunteer job includes:

  • Social Media Specialist – regular postings according to TEAM’s event calendar
  • Email Marketing Specialist – utilize Mailchimp to announce promotions and events to TEAM’s email lists

If you have questions, you can reach us by email.

In 2023...

Regular Volunteers
Volunteer Hours

Volunteers Are Our Superheroes

Our volunteers are the best! See for yourself in the photos below. Be sure to click on a thumbnail photo below to see a larger version. You can then scroll through all of the larger photos using the arrows that appear to the right and/or left of your screen.
Rose has been volunteering with TEAM off and on since 2004. She works in our Food Pantry where she sorts bulk items into smaller packages for our clients.
Who said fundraising isn’t fun?
Computer maintenance, program installation & updates are all Mike’s specialties.
Linda and Colleen are longtime volunteers in our Food Pantry. Colleen manages our Food Pantry.
Richard tests donated kitchen appliances & other equipment before it goes out to our sales floor.
Brenda, Debby & Becky in the Resale Shop.
As a caseworker in our Assistance MInistry, Lynn meets with clients who come to TEAM for assistance. She was also our 2019 fundraiser committee chair.
Layne is a cashier in our Resale Shop. She always has a smile for our customers!
Just a few of our wonderful Food Pantry volunteers: Bonnie, Susan and Carole
Organizing, sorting and pricing donated items — that’s what Janet and Brenda do.
Randy has been volunteering with TEAM for just a few months. He works in our warehouse area.
Ginger is one of the friendly cashiers in TEAM’s Resale Shop. We are so glad to have her!
Susan volunteers at TEAM five days a week! She inspects and sorts donated clothing.
Josiah has been volunteering with TEAM for three years. He works in our warehouse and does a lot of our heavy lifting.
As a volunteer caseworker, Kay meets with clients who come to TEAM for food and/or financial assistance.
Larry volunteers in our Food Pantry, and is often found unloading boxes and stocking shelves.
Data entry is Pat’s specialty! She keeps our volunteer database up-to-date.
Scott is one of our dedicated Food Pantry volunteers. He takes filled grocery orders to our clients who are waiting to receive them.
June has been a volunteer with TEAM since 1998. Although she is “over 90”, she still volunteers with us two days a week. Amazing!
A few of our Food Pantry volunteers.
Janet is on of our crafty volunteers. She makes wreaths for TEAM to sell from items that are donated to our Resale Shop.
Our Resale team is always up for a little Halloween fun.
Fashionistas, they say …
Melinda and Jan are “linen ladies”. They inspect, measure, and label donated linens — and have fun doing it!
Virginia volunteers in our Resale Shop where she sorts and hangs donated clothing before it goes out to the sales floor.
John does a lot of the heavy lifting in our Food Pantry. He’s stays on the move – relocating items from our storage area to our Food Pantry shelves.
Joe and Brian work side-by-side sorting bulk items into smaller portions so that we can distribute them to our Food Pantry clients.
We make no bones about it, volunteering is fun! (Just ask John)
Trina is one of our friendly Resale Shop cashiers.
New clothing donations are sorted in our warehouse by Susan and other Resale Shop volunteers.
Sue works in our Resale Book Nook. Twice a week she shelves new book donations.
Mark and Renae are both volunteers in our Assistance Ministry.
Volunteering is fun — just ask John and Susie.
Richard is one of our gadget gurus. He tests donated appliances and electronics to make sure they are in working order before they are put on our sales floor.
Brian has been a volunteer in our Food Pantry for many years. He separates bulk goods into smaller family-sized portions for our clients.
Have you ever wondered if volunteering in our Resale warehouse would be fun? We have the answer!
At (shhhh…) almost 85, Corky still enjoys volunteering in our resale shop. Just look at that smile!
Brenda and Karen spoke about TEAM and TBN at the February Tomball Chamber of Commerce community breakfast
In January Tom, John and Jim built new shelves in our food storage area
When new donations arrive at our warehouse Mike helps to unload and sort them
Sandy is one of our busy food pantry volunteers
Karen works in our Resale Shop and can often be found working in our linen department
Renae scans client documents & manages our donor database.

We are fortunate to have many groups volunteer with us

Vickie and Marie from the Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum worked in our Food Pantry separating bulk beans into family-size portions.
In June, the NCL Cypress Belles volunteered in TEAM’s Resale Shop.
Mother-daughter teams from the NCL Wildflowers chapters help in our food pantry.
The Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum volunteers with us frequently. Thanks Debbie, Beth and Mary Lou!
The NCL Texas Roses were a huge help on Dollar Day.
These homeschooled NHS students spent an afternoon volunteering in our resale shop.

TEAM Spotlight

Welcome to the spotlight! Here you can learn a bit more about some of our enthusiastic volunteers and staff members. If you’d like to join our volunteer family, head over to our volunteer page for an application. We look forward to working with you!
Debby, TEAM Caseworker
Mike & Karen, Resale Shop Volunteers
Mike, Vice President of our Board
Renae, Operations Support Specialist
Colleen, Food Pantry Manager
Mark, TEAM Treasurer
Susan, TBN Resource Manager
Karen, Community Relations Manager