Karen Guiles, TEAM Community Relations Manager, Retires

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Karen Guiles, TEAM Community Relations Manager, Retires


On July 31, 2020, TEAM Community Relations Manager Karen Guiles will be retiring from her current role and moving into a volunteer role with TEAM. In the fall of 2017, the TEAM Executive Committee asked Karen, formerly on the administrative staff at Klein United Methodist Church, to take on a part-time role with TEAM to build the Tomball Benevolence Network (TBN). TBN is designed to expand the offering of TEAM’s services to our clients to include home and auto repair and other peripheral services that surface from time-to-time. Karen joined the TEAM staff in November of 2017 and began to build this network. Since that time, Karen has built a network that has provided for numerous automotive repairs and several more unique provisions like a custom-made permanent covering over a trailer home that had a leaking roof or a plumbing repair for a single mother. 

Those of you who know Karen would not be surprised to learn that part-time didn’t last, as Karen’s commitment to TEAM and to her mission grew into a full-time effort. Likewise, Karen’s role expanded to become TEAM’s Community Relations Manager by which Karen has expanded TEAM’s relationships with local churches, businesses, and donors. Karen’s accomplishments include three successful annual fundraisers, regular involvement with the Tomball Chamber through which she has served as an Ambassador, additional TEAM church sponsors, numerous active business engagements with TEAM, increasing donor engagement, additional sources for TEAM volunteers, and the development of the TEAM Advisory Board. In a short three years, Karen has built a legacy in her service to TEAM and the Tomball Community. We won’t miss her completely, however, as she takes on a more “reasonable” role as a volunteer at TEAM. As such, her first efforts will be to transition her Community Relations role to new TEAM staff member Dandi Daniels.  

Thank you, Karen, for your great work!