Q & A with Resale Shop Volunteers

Mike and Karen began volunteering with TEAM in September 2017,  in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  Mike volunteers in the intake area of our warehouse.  Karen also works in our warehouse, where she is affectionately known as the linen lady.  They are valued members of our TEAM family - and we'd like to share a little bit more about them and their volunteer work. 

What brought you to TEAM?

Karen:  I felt helpless when watching the heartache caused by Hurricane Harvey and wanted to do something meaningful.

Mike:  We heard through our Lions Club that there was a need for volunteers at TEAM, especially following Hurricane Harvey, as the community really came together to help with donated items for those affected by the flooding.  We got involved to help process these donations

In addition to volunteering at TEAM, you are both active in the Tomball Lions Club. What do you feel is the most rewarding part of volunteering?

Karen:  The motto of our Lions Club is "We Serve".  I believe TEAM does the same for the community of Tomball.  Bringing some hope, relief and love to our neighbors makes me happy.

Mike:  And I might add that the Tomball Lions Club serves through TEAM by providing annual financial assistance and some member volunteers (like us).

Although you both volunteer in our warehouse, you have different responsibilities. What are your roles at TEAM?

Karen:  I basically sort through donated items that are considered linens - sheets, towels, blankets, etc.  I inspect, prepare for sale and price them for the Resale Shop.

Mike:   I oversee the furniture and housewares sales floor, making sure it is orderly and clean.  I also assist in receiving donations into the warehouse, sorting them, cleaning as necessary and getting them ready for the sales floor.  On the sales floor I will assist customers as needed and help load purchases into their vehicle.

Mike, since you help with incoming donations, what's the most surprising item you've seen donated to the Resale Shop?

Mike:  Following Harvey there was an exceptional response from the community with an outpouring of donations.  Someone donated a new generator with 5 gallon gas cans and a $20 bill taped to the gas can to pay for fuel. Tomball area businesses brought food and cleaning supplies that were dispersed through our Ministry. The community response was very heart warming. 

What advice would you give someone who is considering a volunteer position at TEAM?

Karen:  There are so many different opportunities for everyone.  YOU choose what you would like to do.  YOU choose your own hours.  Above all, we like to have fun!

Mike:  Come and visit us to see for yourself what we do.  Just stop in the resale side and ask one of the managers to show you around.  There is a lot of fellowship among the volunteers and that is something that I would miss if, for some reason, I would not be able to continue volunteering.

Chocolate, vanilla, or ....?

Karen:  Can I have vanilla with chocolate syrup?  

Mike:  Vanilla with a strawberry sauce topping.