Q & A with a Caseworker

Please meet Debby, a longtime volunteer with TEAM, who serves in our Assistance Ministry. We are so thankful for her commitment and dedication to TEAM and our community - and we'd like you to learn a bit more about her.

How did you begin volunteering with TEAM?

While I was teaching, a friend suggested that my husband and I volunteer at TEAM during the summer months. I got serious about volunteering 7 or 8 years ago, after I retired.

What’s your role?

I serve on TEAM's board of directors and, as a caseworker,  I work with our clients in the Assistance Ministry. I believe TEAM's most important work is helping those in need. As a caseworker, I listen as client's share their circumstances and stories and do the best that I can to help.

Can you describe a typical day in the assistance ministry? What's the process like for clients?

As a group, we pray for God’s guidance each day before opening at 10:00. Clients begin to line up in front of the TEAM building before we open. TEAM’s receptionist does an initial client screening. For new clients she scans a photo ID and proof of residence into our computer system. The receptionist also confirms that the client resides within TEAM’s service area.  Before meeting with a repeat client the caseworker reviews their case history, which is maintained in TEAM’s computer-based client services system. Caseworkers then interview each client to determine their current needs, what we can do to assist and to counsel them. TEAM provides assistance in the form of food, vouchers for clothing from our Resale Shop and emergency financial assistance with necessities such as rent, utilities, medical and dental services.  Each client is treated with dignity and respect.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering at TEAM?

I love the volunteers and staff that work at TEAM. It is so rewarding to help someone get back on their feet after experiencing a tough time.

Would you share a success story? 

A year or so ago we helped a young man with his electric bill. He was so grateful that he returned and stripped and waxed our floors to show his appreciation.

And lastly, what's a fun fact (or two) about you? 

My hobbies are reading, gardening and traveling. I love opera and bluegrass music. 

You can learn more about TEAM's volunteer opportunites here.