FAQ About Volunteering

We have a large variety of volunteer positions - from caseworker to cashier. You can find a detailed description of our volunteer opportunities, as well as our volunteer application, here.
Yes, the Resale Shop, Food Pantry, and Assistance Ministry are all supported by volunteers.
Yes, volunteers under the age of 13 must have an adult working with them. Volunteer applications from minors must be signed by a parent/guardian.
Visit our volunteer page to learn about our volunteer opportunities and download a volunteer application.
Volunteers in the Resale Shop are asked to work at least four hours each time they volunteer. Our Assistance Ministry and Food Pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Volunteers in these areas work on one or both days. We also have volunteer opportunities with flexible hours in marketing, IT, social media communications, fundraising, event planning, event photography, and more.
We have on-the-job training in all areas. Caseworker and cashier positions require more extensive training and a commitment to certain days and times. Additionally, cashiers must agree to a background check.
No. We have a variety of tasks available. We try to match our volunteers with jobs that they find interesting or where they have special knowledge.
Yes! We will try an accommodate any groups who want to work together.
In most cases, yes. Please email our volunteer coordinator to discuss the specifics.
Yes, with some requirements. You can find TEAM's guidelines for court-ordered community service here. Each application needs to be complete and will be reviewed individually before work can begin.
Yes. We love to show off our amazing volunteers and the work they do at TEAM. We have many pictures on our website, and we post pictures frequently on social media. To see our social media posts, find and follow TEAM on Facebook and Instagram. Also, be sure to checkout our volunteer spotlight page, where we have Q&As with some of our volunteers.